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Boost for Advertisers

Boost Discovery is an innovative advertisement platform that serves your message like an advice

  • Connect Confidently

    Unlike traditional ads, "native" ads, looks like content of the media where they appear, engaging visitors who like your message and are interested to discover more.

  • Authentic clicks

    Our content policy team, constantly monitor every position where your ads appear to guarantee that every action is done consciously.

  • Meet any KPI

    Meet your marketing objectives – build awareness, generate high value leads, and drive actions online with large player video and premium content placements.

Business and Brands that use Boost Discovery

Boost for Publishers

Top albanian publishers choose Boost to grow revenue

  • Grow revenues

    Boost's advertisers are albanian companies that shows interest for your audience. We offer higher revenue than foreign platforms.

  • Drive maximum results

    Over 70% of your traffic is not rated. We helps you to monetize albanian traffic using our platforme without changing the way you monetize it.

  • Monetize everywhere

    Different ad formats that fit for all your ad's positions. Enrich your site with valuable content and videos from the bigest albanian companies.

Top exclusive media

Targeting & Audience

Find your audience

Boost Discovery Platform use machine-learning algorithms to target the right audience and optimaze it according to the requirements of publishers and advertisers.

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